What is PlanAndFire?

PlanAndFire is the idea to use Design Thinking to achieve Financial Independence and Early Retirement.

About me:

Born and brought up in one and only, Vizag; now settled for the last 20+ years in second to none, Denver. I’m a licensed real estate agent, free notary, certified negotiation expert and wealth coach.

My blog:

This is our (my daughter and I) attempt to gather interesting content that others can benefit from using this blog.

My dream:

To build and run a center that enables innovation, acceleration and celebration. A boot camp style incubation hostel that promotes entrepreneur-ism in teens. A co-working space that facilitates collaboration to accelerate our growth and finally an event center to celebrate our life’s most important moments.

My fear:

Swimming in deep water though I know how to swim, which is ironic. Every few years I work on conquering this fear and a month ago I joined the 24 Hr Fitness in Englewood.

My personality type:

A mediator (INFP:MBTI), supposedly Shakespeare is of this type, we’ll see how much he can help me writing this blog 🙂 I was able to make peace with myself and help align my goals with personality.

My family:

First, Sai, my seventeen year old son, a senior in high school, keeps me on my toes with his decision making skills. He came into my life, became my life and now this blogging effort is an excuse to cope up with his departure to college.

Next, Apoorva, my fifteen year old daughter, a sophomore in high school, is a mirror image of my strengths and weaknesses. Sai took most of the attention so far, and now Apoorva is the driving force behind my dream.

Finally, my childhood sweetheart, my wife, Shanthi. Her simple approach to life keeps me grounded while dreaming big.


Looking forward to seeing you wealthy and prosperous. Call me between noon to 1 PM Mountain for a free consultation.


June 3rd, 2019.