Design thinking

How one can develop failure immunity?


Failure and success are common things we all face throughout our life journey. The fear of failures impacts on how people experience their lives. By failures people percept their life as the good life and bad life. Fortunately, if you are designing your life you can be a failure but instead, you come across many prototypes. If one prototype fails …

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Is it important to build a team to design your personal life?


The team plays a major role in every great design. As teamwork make a project, product or a building to life. Designers believe in radical collaboration because true genius is a collaborative process. We design our lives with many connections with others. When you design your life, you are engaging in an act of co-creation. When you use design thinking, …

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5 Mindsets in design thinking to design a better life!

design thinking

Design thinking involves certain mindsets. These mindsets seem to be simple. But they can solve many complicated problems in your life. Therefore from design thinking, you can understand how to use them to do life design. The five mindsets that you are going to use are, Curiosity Bias-to-action Reframing Awareness Radical collaboration These are your design tools and with them, …

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How to prototype the life you want to design?


Prototyping is really important for designers to make any kind of product. Designers prototype the idea to a product and the product that reaches millions of users. When the idea is coupled with the bias to action mindset, you get a lot of ideas. Hence you can prototype your life too. Trying to solve a problem related to product designing …

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How to find your dream job by design thinking!

dream job

Dream jobs are not the jobs that can pay you even if you don’t work or pay you in lakhs without any progress in your work. What you can find is there are lots of interesting jobs in worthwhile organizations. There are good jobs with good people that can make close enough to the job you imagine and you can …

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Design more than one possible life by design thinking!


Design thinking can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. Regardless of who or where we are, what we do or have done for a living, or how young or old we are. If you have the desire to explore your life from a new point of view, think about it proactively. Then change it creatively, …

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AEIOU method of time journal to identify your activities!

AEIOU method

AEIOU time journal method is the way of productive planning of your daily activities. Because writing a journal on daily activities can make you productive at work. Also, you can understand in which direction you are stepping ahead in life. So, life designing gets easier with time journal. A good time journal consists of 2 parts, 1.Activity log (Where I’m …

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How to get unstuck in life designing?


Getting unstuck in life is very much important as life is a challenging element in today’s era. Sometimes we try to solve it but, lose our hope on it if the puzzle doesn’t get solved with few attempts. Many people don’t try to unstuck from the situation and accept that situation for many years and blame themselves and surroundings. Designers …

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Time journal method to identify your activities!

Time journal

Time journal method is the way of productive planning of your daily activities. In order to find the destination when you don’t know the route, you need a direction, not the map. After “building a compass” exercise (Read more about building a compass: How work and life views help to achieve your goals?) We need to go to “wayfinding” of …

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How not to get a job through design thinking?


Design thinking is not only a way to develop commercially viable products. It’s also a way to design the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never wrote resumes. They never struggled over achieving perfect tone or perfect letter. Because perfection doesn’t play a great role in life designing. 90% of job seekers use to go about …

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Start from where you are in design thinking!

design thinking

Design thinking process is the way to solve unique and messy problems in life. Start with “step zero” which means accepting the problem exists. Design thinking can help your way forward from where ever you are. Regardless of the life problems you are facing. But before you have to figure out which way you should choose, you need to find …

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How work and life views helps to achieve your goals?

work and life views

Design Thinking is not an exclusive property of designers. Although many great innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business have practiced it. Design Thinking is that designers’ work processes that can help us systematically extract, teach, learn and apply these techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Also, these techniques are common in our businesses …

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6 Dysfunctional beliefs that need to be re-framed!

Dysfunctional beliefs

Dysfunctional beliefs are beliefs that don’t allow people to dream big. These beliefs mostly fused into our minds right from childhood from parents or relatives. Moreover, life designing helps us to change the way we think about our life and helps us to design our life in a better way. They don’t allow us to dream big to design our …

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Problem solving techniques in design thinking!

problem solving

Problem-solving can be a huge process that depends on divergent and convergent thinking. It is easy in some situations to solve the problem. But most of the times we feel it difficult to solve problems. Design thinking is one of the ways to solve any problem. Design thinking is concerned with solving problems through design. The idea is that the …

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Steps to analyze work-life balance!


Work-life balance is a difficult challenge for many of us. But it is much necessary for you to involve in social as well as financial factors of life. But missing clarity and specific life design in work-life balance have left many employees putting in longer hours and working harder than ever. In contrast, many studies have shown that the most …

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What are dysfunctional beliefs and how to re-frame them?

dysfunctional belief

Dysfunctional beliefs are similar to cognitive distortions. Many of us want to achieve higher goals and we dream of many worldly pleasures. But the only thing that stops us from dreaming big are these dysfunctional beliefs. So now you might be confused about what are these dysfunctional beliefs? Dysfunctional beliefs: These are negative beliefs that are fused in our mind …

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